Hello world!

Our first blog post! We’re so excited to get our non profit up and running and to help students.

We’ve just been approved as a corporation by the State of Illinois, and we’re in the process of acquiring our 501c3 status.

So, who are we and what do we do? Well, we’re caring community members, small business owners and former teachers that are dedicated to doing our part to provide low-income students in the Chicagoland area an equal opportunity to a quality education and a brighter future.

We’re starting small with our focus on two projects. We’re raising money and reaching out to donors to help us get school supplies to the kids who need them most – homeless and low-income students. Did you know that there are over 14,000 homeless students attending Chicago public schools alone? We’re trying to get them what they need to be active participants in their education.

We’re also passionate about giving low-income students a path in the future. Working with the Illinois Teacher of the Year, we’re in the process of developing a hands-on curriculum that would prepare them for modern entrepreneurship, challenging them to explore their strengths and talents and thinking about how they can leverage those skills to start a dorm room (or home) business.

Thanks to local manufacturing partner, CDI Corp, this year Carl Schurz High School students attending the Academy of Finance II class will have the opportunity to actually start and run their own small business! We’ll keep you posted on their  progress and products as the class develops.

With this blog we’re excited to bring you interesting news, videos and pictures about the issues we care about. We’ll be covering our programs and events and maybe some fun and silly things in between. We’d love your thoughts on these issues, and we invite you to also check out our discussion forums.We invite you to continue reading our blog.


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