Entrepreneurs in Teaching Entrepreneurship

Urban School Foundation was started with the intention of providing Chicagoland’s homeless and disadvantaged students with the tools to build a brighter future, and our Young Entrepreneurs program is a great example of how we plan on doing this.

Urban School Foundation is working closely with Illinois 2009-2010 Teacher of the Year, Kevin Rutter, to develop and deliver a hands-on, experience-based curriculum in entrepreneurship to the Junior Class finance students at Carl Schurz High School.

Class started on September 7th, and since then students been exploring their talents, learning about different types of businesses and recognizing opportunities for capitalizing on their skills. They’ve also heard about the sacrifices it took to start a business by local entrepreneur, Bob Tucker Jr, and visited and asked questions about his business. All this is building up to the start of writing and developing a strong business plan.

We want students to come up with their own ideas for business opportunities and write their own business plans, but we also want to provide a good model of what a great business plan and business idea looks like. Together with the help of local decal manufacturer, CDI Corp., and Mr. Rutter the class will not only be writing a real business plan, we’ll be starting a real business!

With this program we hope not only to build confidence and provide them with the skills they need to build a business for themselves one day, but also to better understand business and thereby be better employees. A benefit to not only their lives, but our collective future.

Stay tuned to find out what ideas the students come up on their adventure in entrepreneurship. Read more about our Future Entrepreneurs program on our website, www.urbanschoolfoundation.org.


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