From the mouths of BABES…

Ahhhh, primary market research – a great excuse to talk to that guy or girl you like so much! Continuing on our marketing theme, Schurz students are conducting surveys to learn what magnet products their peers would be most interested in purchasing.

Why magnets? In addition to writing their own business plans, the class is starting a business as a group with the guidance of Kevin Rutter and Luciana Tiberio. The goal is to manufacture magnets that would do well in the market that exists at Schurz HS – hands on experience starting and running a business. As a lesson in social responsibility, all proceeds will be donated to a school organization of their choosing.

Here’s an example of a magnet that might be assembled and sold:

4. The adhesive with vinyl lettering is placed on the magnet. The excess magnet material is cut, and the product is packaged.

3. Vinyl lettering is placed on the adhesive

2. The colored vinyl is kiss-cut with a design. Then, the excess vinyl is picked out, leaving only the kiss-cut design.

1. Raw magnet material


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