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Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour!

This past Friday our Schurz Young Entrepreneurs students were invited by Junior Achievement to take part in the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. We all learned so much from speakers Arel Moodie,  Adam Witty and Duane Spires.

All the speakers on the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour are young entrepreneurs under 30 who have made their first million dollars. These speakers gave our entrepreneurs sound advice on how to find the confidence in ourselves to start a business. They also offered pearls of wisdom through personal and business stories. We learned that when you’re starting a business you should:

  1. Commit
  2. Learn the proper technique
  3. Find a mentor
  4. Take action!
And though we were learning, we had so much fun doing it! A great thanks to the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, all our speakers and Junior Achievement.

(USF Young Entrepreneurs dance off to win Arel Moodie’s new inspirational book)


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